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Do you suffer from imposter syndrome and feel like a fraud when in fact you should be proud of your accomplishments?

This guide will show you how to overcome imposter syndrome ...

  • How to overcome imposter syndrome

  • Why you should abandon perfectionism

  • Understanding your value at work

  • Learning not to rely on criticism

  • Redefining success for yourself

  • Easy ways to manage imposter syndrome

  • Knowing when your work is good enough

  • Hi,

    We are Leanne and Dob,

    Join us as we share our learnings and wisdoms so you can move away from being 'unhealthy' to being 'healthy' and enjoying life. 

    Leanne is a Results Life Coach, Counsellor and Energy Practitioner and is the founder of Lotus Energies where she is focused on her clients 'rising up and living a spirit-ed life'.

    Nicholas 'Dob' is a Trauma Therapist, Resilience Coach, & Menswork Advocate and is the founder of Zest Quest where he is focussed on his clients having 'less stress and more zest' to gain inner strength and personal freedom.

    Whilst operating independently, we share a passion for helping clients to heal from emotional wounding through self-exploration and creating a foundation of empowerment, resilience and joy to live their lives expansively.

    We both have extensive education, training, and experience providing the capacity to guide clients to understand themselves and others better and to live life with fulfilment and joy.

    Contact us:

    [email protected]

    Be Alive Always

    Rise Up and Live your Spirit-Ed™ Life

    Founders of Be Alive Always and Spirit-Ed™ Events
  • remove toxic stress, beliefs, emotions and behaviours 

  • have healthy boundaries in personal and work relationships

  • learn skills to overcome stress and anxiety

  • reach your goals quicker with fulfilment and freedom

  • increased healthier and happier life, inside and out 

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